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Lesson Rates
 edited: July 25,2017​​​​​​​


2017 Summer Rates: Pay as they play

       15 minute lesson / $17.50 each  

30 minute lesson / $35 each

   45 minute lesson / $52.50 each

  60 minute lesson / $70 each

  Beginning September 2nd, 2014 the following rates will be in effect.

*15 minute lesson yearly tuition $  630 /  monthly $ 70

30 minute lesson yearly tuition $1260 /  monthly $140

45 minute lesson yearly tuition $1890 /  monthly $210

60 minute lesson yearly tuition $2520 / monthly $280

*15 minute lessons are only available for Pre-K students.

 Families with 3 or more students, with all students taking at least 30 minute lessons, will receive a $180 per school year ($20 each month) discount on each third or more student.

  • We  do not have a registration fee.
  • We  provide all music and any other teaching materials we believe the students need. 
  • We do not have a recital fee.

  Everything is inclusive.

(Participants in the NFMC piano competitions will still have individual participation fees.)

                        (Payment methods accepted are cash, check, and money order.)


Students are given the opportunity to perform in two piano recitals a year which are held at ..... 
Orchestra Hall 
4401 Trail Lake Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76109

The Winter recitals are in December.
The Spring recitals are in May.
(Two dates to choose from in each recital month)

We do not charge a recital fee. 


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