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                                                                  (last edited January 29, 2018)

Fall Enrollment Policy

We can no longer hold lesson times without confirmation the student is returning for the new school year. 

Please note the following dates:

--August 1st--Returning Students

may begin to schedule their lesson times for the new school year. Returning students have priority scheduling to the lesson that they had the previous year.   So if you want the same lesson time, just let us know.  If you are unsure of a lesson time, please let us know you are returning so we can save you a slot.      

--August 15th--Open Enrollment

starts on this date. We will not be able to hold the previous year's lesson times; and all open lesson times will go on a first come basis.

Payment Policy

- The last Monday of each month you will receive an invoice for the following month.  At the first lesson of each month you pay for all the lessons in that month. This will usually be 4 lessons, but occasionally there may be 5 or 3 depending on how the days of the month fall.

- A $35 late fee will be assessed for payments not made by the 15th of each month.

Attendance and Make-up Lesson Policy

 In order for you to receive quality teaching from a full-time instructor, we cannot afford to be flexible with these attendance policies. Please ensure that you understand them and can abide by them. We, and the majority of our students, feel these policies are straight forward and reasonable. Thank you for following them.

 Please realize our time to teach is limited and you are paying for and reserving our time each week.

- You are financially responsible for missed lessons. Keep in mind that this policy is to ensure that the instructor is compensated for the time that they have set aside for you.  If your schedule changes or you find that your scheduled lesson time just won't work for you, let us know and we'll be happy to help find a lesson time that works for you!

- Exceptions will be made in case of student illness, injury, or death in the family.  If the student is sick, please notify us by 2:00 pm the day of the lesson.  If a make up lesson cannot be arranged, a credit will be issued the following month.

- If you forget about your lesson and your teacher arrives at your home and you are not there, you are still responsible financially for the lesson time. This lesson will not be made up.

- If you have to miss a lesson we will be happy to try and find a time to make up the lesson. ****Makeup lessons MUST be made up within seven days of the missed lesson.****

- If your teacher has to cancel a lesson, a credit will be issued the following month. 

Withdrawal Policy

- 30 day notice is required for withdrawal.

Bad Weather Policy

- If we are having inclement weather please expect your teacher to be there for your lesson.  We will contact you if we are not going to be able to make it.  If we have to cancel due to bad weather, a 50% credit will be issued the following month.


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